Saturday, February 23, 2008

Start Your Herb Garden the Easy Way

While standing outside of the nearest Wild Oats store (which is like Trader Joe's in a way) I noticed some small starter plants for a low price. I wandered over, and noticed that each and every one of them were herbs - already started, and easy to care for. It dawned on me that this would be a great way to start an herb garden in the house.

You could easily fill up a window with the herbs, and use them whenever you want! For about $20 you could have an entire herbal forest growing in your kitchen window! Of course you may not have the same stores in your area, but you can check your local fresh produce sections as well, or if you have a local nursery or hardware store, you never know where you will find your herb garden! But be sure to check to see what types of soil or chemicals the herbs could have been grown with, not everything you find out there will be organically grown - or even grown with the intention of taking them internally. If you can't find out, sometimes local nurseries will grow specific plants for you.

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