Weight Loss Basics

The Right Stuff

Eating right doesn't mean giving up the foods you enjoy eating, it's about learning to eat healthy, nutritional foods in relatively small portions throughout the day to maintain a healthy weight and a well balanced diet. It sounds much more complicated than it actually is. Deciding what you like to eat is still up to you.


Try grocery shopping on a daily basis for about a week, just to find out what types of healthy foods you could enjoy eating on a regular basis. Most people find that when they commit to eating a more healthy diet, they don't know what to eat. There are actually a fantastic number of foods to choose from, and certainly more than any one website can list, but ultimately - it's up to you. You are far more likely to develop healthy eating habits if you get to know your taste buds.

Avoiding Failure

Stay away from fad diets and fashionable eating trends, such as high protein or low carb diets. Eating a healthy balance of proteins and complex carbohydrates will actually help keep you from craving unhealthy alternatives or quick-fix foods. Many diets will actually deplete your body of valuable nutrients, which will cause you to crave all the wrong foods. Stay away from artificial sweeteners, which create the wrong responses in the body, and actually cause people to suffer from uncontrollable sugar cravings. Most diets do not provide a healthy, well balanced selection of foods, and therefore set up the dieter for failure. Learning to eat foods that provide a wide variety of nutrients and aids the body in proper elimination, to eat smaller portions, and to engage in physical activity on a daily basis will lead to maintaining a healthy weight.