Friday, March 20, 2009

Combat Viruses Hommade Natural Disinfectant with Essential Herbal Oils

As a listener of a national talk radio show, I recently picked up a tip from a caller named Richard, from Bozeman Montana. Richard shared a simple recipe for a natural disinfectant, using essential oils, or even pure extracts from your local grocery store. He stated that he has had his recipe biologically and scientifically tested, and that it has been confirmed to offer protection against "biologics" and viruses, including the corona virus.

What You Will Need

Essential oils (or pure extracts if that is all you can get)

  • Peppermint (base of the recipe)
  • Lemon, orange, and eucalyptus (or any combination of the three would work)
  • Face mask (you can purchase them at any drug store, and most grocery stores)
Use the peppermint essential oil (or pure peppermint extract) as the base. Add several drops of each of the other three essential oils (or pure extracts) to the peppermint. Using a medicine dropper, place a few drops of the anti-viral oils on the face mask. This will protect you from inhaling viruses, as they cannot live in the presence of these oils.

Anti-viral Spray

In a spray bottle, add enough water to fill the bottle nearly to the top. Add two teaspoonfuls of the essential oil formula, replace the spray attachment, and shake well. Use this spray wherever you would use a chemical disinfectant. It can also be sprayed directly onto your hands in place of alcohol based anti-bacterial gels. Richard also suggests spraying it directly onto the soles of your shoes after being in public, in order to protect your family from germs you may bring home!