Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Making Herbal Medicine a Way of Life

Home remedies are becoming more popular as people start to get fewer answers from their "practicing" physicians. I learned this while I was in my late teens, when I had continual problems with my tonsils that doctors could not help solve. The only suggestion was to remove them. However, a few weeks later I met someone who would change my life. She gave me a satchel of herbs that contained a combination of various barks, including wild cherry bark. While I can't quite remember the ingredients, I remember that the herbs helped to not only relieve the symptoms - I didn't have the problems ever again. (Instead my body challenges me with new problems!)

I no longer viewed healing in the same way. Herbal healing seemed so much more logical to me, as well as a natural way of allowing the body to regain strength - rather than weaken it further with chemical drugs. Soon I began to realize that everything we put into our bodies is having an effect on us, on our ability to heal, and our overall health in general.

There was a phase I went through at one point, where I was convinced that everything natural was poisoning me, (although that is essentially true to a point), but we also have the ability to recover from exposure or ingestion of toxins, as well. It was - simply put, a very stressful and obsessive way to live. Lightening up a little was the only solution - but everything in moderation was the answer to my behavior.

While I still have so much to learn, I also realize there is a certain amount of "young wisdom" that I have gained over the years. So, why not pass it on? Take it with a grain of sea salt if you wish!

  • When you feel like over-eating, start with broccoli, carrots, and anything else that burns more calories than you take in by eating.
  • Eat as many raw foods as you can, but don't worry if you love cooked food, too.
  • Drink lots of herbal tea - of all different types of herbs.
  • Learn to allow your body to heal itself.
  • Heal from the inside out, don't just cover the symptoms.
  • Visit the doctor if you need reassurance that you are taking herbs that are safe.
  • Beware of doctors - they might tell you that taking herbs isn't safe.
  • Eat to live - Don't LIVE TO EAT. Don't believe everything you read or hear - research things, and learn the truth for yourself.
  • All things should be done in moderation.
  • Don't be overly health-conscious, but don't be overly relaxed about your health.
  • Do everything for a reason - if you don't do something, don't do it for a reason.
  • Enjoy your life. Love your life - it's the only chance you've got!