Saturday, August 04, 2007

What Grocery Items Can You Not Live Without?

Everyone has different likes and dislikes, and items they just can't seem to leave the grocery store without buying. I happen to have a few things that I buy on a regular basis, and instead of buying ingredients for specific recipies, I generally try to find things I can make with my favorite ingredients. This may seem strange to some people, but if you have a favorite flavor that you try to work into your meals, you just might understand.

When I shop, the first things that end up in my cart just about every time are lemons and limes. I love to cook with garlic, so I usually have several variations of garlic available in my kitchen, as well. This includes fresh garlic, minced or chopped garlic, and powdered or granulated garlic. This, combined with a selection of fresh italian herbs, makes for a wonderful lemon-butter sauce for pasta, chicken, potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, or just about any other vegetables or grains that you may cook up. If you like things raw, you can make a garlic-lemon dressing, throw in some raisins, and create a fresh salad with all natural raw ingredients that beats the pants off of store bought dressings! What are your "must have" ingredients, found in your kitchen nearly all of the time?

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  1. I, too, must have garlic, lemons, and limes. I also must have onions and/or shallots, flat-leaf parsley, pasta, canned tomatoes, olive oil, white wine vinegar, a nice block of Parmesan, milk, butter, and an assortment of green veggies. With these as my bases, I feel I can cook anything!