Friday, December 15, 2006

Tips for Reducing Arthritis Pain and Inflammation

Dealing with arthritis can not only be painful, but it can disrupt daily activities for many people. With arthritis, there can be a variety of symptoms, joints that are stiff and sore, hot and tender to the touch, and varying degrees of pain, and it can be extremely debilitating and interfere with normal body movements. As common as arthritis is, there is no known cure or cause, and for those who suffer the symptoms, relief is welcomed with great joy.

One of the most common triggers of an arthritic flare-up is weather, climate, or temperature change, generally hot to cold, or cold damp weather. A sudden change such as putting your hands in cold water can aggrivate the pain and inflammation as well. These changes should be taken into consideration, and avoided if possible. Poor diet can also contribute to the number of flare-ups a person can have, especially non-herbal tea, coffee, alcohol, bleached white flour and cane sugar, fried foods, red meats, pork, and especially bacon. Improper diet can cause a build up of uric acid and other toxins, which can severely aggrivate arthritis.

A good hot sweat bath can help to relieve the symptoms, especially if drinking herbal tea while soaking in the bath. There are useful herbs that one can take to aid in the reduction of pain and inflammation, and along with a proper diet, can reduce the number of flare-ups that a person may suffer. White willow bark can be especially helpful, and other herbs either used by themselves or with each other can provide a great deal of relief, such as valerian, black cohosh, wintergreen, sassafras, and skullcap. As always, consult your physician before taking any herbs that you have not taken before, especially if you are taking medications, as some herbs can interfere with the safety of medications your doctor may have prescribed.
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