Friday, November 03, 2006

Milk Causes More Harm Than Good

For much of our lives in America we are programmed to believe that the choice of breakfast drinks should be milk, that we should have a glass of milk before bed, and the latest scam - we should have three glasses of milk a day to help loose weight. Huh? Okay, so let me see if I understand their concept...drink the substance that is maternally designed to facilitate the growth of a six-hundred pound animal, and it's going to help you shed some weight? I think not, and even worse, it can and will cause more harm than good in the human body. Why do we stop drinking breast milk after infancy? Because the properties that are found in milk are designed specifically for the needs of the growing youngster, not for toddlers, teens, and adults.

Most people don't know that milk by itself is not what most people are allergic to. The pasteurization process causes changes in the milk, and the result of those changes are what cause most people to have allergic reactions, intestinal tract disorders, and other digestive problems. The process of raising the temperature of the milk (pasteurizing) can destroy the lactase enzymes, preventing in some people the body's inability to process the milk sugar. Most of those people are fully able to digest "raw" milk. Pasteurization also alters the protein in milk.

One important fact to know, that there is not much publicity about, is that the pasteurization process was designed to kill bacteria in milk. Most dairy cows are now being kept in close quarters, are not permitted exercise, often their bodies are rubbing against each other causing sores, and their diet consists of manufactured protein substitutions and grains. Cows naturally walk through pastures eating grass, as naturally intended. Since many dairy cows are fed an unnatural diet with little or no exercise, and kept in an crowded unclean environment, they are fed antibiotics, which you then ingest when you drink the milk. First the milk is altered by the diet the cows are fed, pumped up with antibiotics, and then cooked to make it "safe" again.

There is another part of the hidden danger of milk that very few people talk about. The milk of cows is not designed for digestion or the absorption of vitamins in humans, and therefore much of the nutrition you would assume you are getting is not being properly assimilated by your body. Pasteurization was originally created to destroy the possibility of tuberculosis in the milk. Not the tuberculosis bacteria was not guaranteed to be in the milk, but acidophilus and bifidus (good bacteria) that is supposed to naturally occur in the milk was being destroyed as well in the heating process, again changing the chemicals present in the milk.

All of these factors have a potentially dangerous effect on the human body, and more people should take their health into their own hands and make informed decisions as to what is best for themselves. If you'd like to get a full indepth look at medical research on the effects of milk on the body, read the book Don't Drink Your Milk, it's an excellent resource. Should so many people continue to trust the multi-million dollar dairy industry asking us if we've "got milk?"

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