Sunday, September 03, 2006

Overall Health and Natural Foods

When selecting foods and herbs to put into your body, you'd do best to learn more about your particular needs and design your diet to support a healthy immune system. If you look back over the years, you probably know which illnesses you regularly catch, and which ones you aren't as susceptable to. Some people very commonly catch colds, others may be extremely sensitive to digestive problems or allergies. In a way, we all really suffer many of the same ailaments, but for some of us, certain things seem to afflict us more than others.

By getting to know your own body, and the type of system you have, you can better understand which foods and herbs will help you the most. With the right combination of natural food and healing herbs, you can boost your immune system, have more energy and endurance, loose weight, gain muscle tone and strength. Certain foods have a greater effect on particular areas of the body, and through studying your body type, you will gain an understanding of what foods are right for you.

Whether you are seeking to improve your immediate health, or whether you are in fit condition an looking towards better general health and well-being, you can benefit from a wide variety of foods geared towards your body's needs. Since many foods you put into your body provide nutritional content to specific areas of the body, it would seem logical to study your own body to discover which foods will provide the best benefit for your own individual need. Many people who hear of altering their diet for better health assume this means spending a large portion of money each week on organic specialty foods, but this is simply not true. Eating the proper foods for your body can provide a huge benefit (even if not organic) over eating even the common garbage most Americans consume on a daily basis to "save time".

The process of studying your body will undoubtedly lead you to other interesting discoveries about your health. You will probably become very aware of the foods you are eating, the way you feel physically after eating certain foods, and which foods you commonly reach when you are in a hurry. If you find yourself reading labels in the grocery store, you know you are well on your way to better health. Awareness is the key, all else will fall into place as you get to know yourself better. As you learn what goes into prepared foods, they will likely become less appealing to you, and you begin to search for alternatives. For example, if staying away from sugar is a person's goal, they would probably notice how few brands of spaghetti sauce lack table sugar. Whatever you are seeking to gain by getting to know your own body, the process will take you through the grocery store in a whole new way. Don't worry if this doesn't come quickly, take the time to really get to know your body, and pay close attention to how you feel during and after you eat. If you are the type of person to do well with a personal log, then document how what you ate, what time of day it was, and how you felt afterwards. If you find that there are certain foods that you are experiencing changes in the way you feel, stay away from the food for several days to a week. Then try eating it again, and if the food was genuinly making you feel different, this would almost even magnify the effect - you will be aware of how that food causes you to feel. Do this with several foods if you'd like, but when you reintroduce the food, it's always good to make that they only thing you eat for the moment, giving you an unclouded view of the effects of that food on your body.

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